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What is this?
A comic strip, silly.
Okay, okay, for a general introduction to the strip go here.
What's the official title of this comic?
The proper writing is "L 'n' M" though I generally like to just write it as "LnM". The proper pronounciation is to say all three letters (i.e. "el-en-em"). If all goes well, you should soon be unable to recite the alphabet properly.
When are new strips added?
Every Monday, Wednesday, and Friday.
Why are there sometimes two strips on the main page?
The top strip will always be the next strip of the current arc, but sometimes I'll also put up a bonus strip. I use the bonus for strips that don't necessarily fit into an arc. The main reasons I might put up a bonus strip are:
  • - A seasonal strip (e.g. a Christmas strip on or near Christmas).
  • - I feel the arc strip is lacking in comedic value (most likely because it's needed to advance the arc) so I throw up a bonus for those who don't really care about the "plot".
  • - Because I feel like it. Got a problem with that?
How many times should I vote in the poll?
Ideally once, even though I've thus far been too lazy to try and prevent multiple votes from the same source. The polls are just there for the fun of it so please play nice and don't ruin the fun for others.
You made a mistake, idiot!
Tell me in the comments section and it if you're right it'll end up on the Wall of Shame.
The orange hurts my eyes!
Fine, fine. Here are some other color schemes you can try (if you allow cookies).
  • L (this is the default)
  • Light (this should be easier on the eyes)
  • M (since there's an L theme... also doubles as a Christmas theme)
Horizontal strips suck!
Don't ask me why but I made it so that my strips get put together in a few different layouts. You can set to view the different layouts by clicking below, however the site is designed only with the horizontal layout in mind (again, must allow cookies).
  • Horizontal (this is the default, and should probably be used)
  • Vertical (ordered top to bottom)
  • Square (2x2 grid, read left to right, top to bottom)
Does this comic have inappropriate content?
I intend to keep the comic at a PG-13 level of appropriateness. That said, there will at times be suggestive or sexually based humor as well as the occasional use of some lesser profanities.
How can I ask you a question?
A paradoxical question, but I'll answer it anyway. You can reach me with your questions/comments/etc. either by leaving a message in the comments section or by sending them to the following email adress: lnm.comic@gmail.com