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Twinlympics : Cupcake
Hate to say it, but this is the end. It was fun while it lasted, but it clearly hasn't gained the popularity I had hoped for and making it purely for my own amusement just isn't worth the large amount of time required anymore.

To what few readers I may have left, thank you so much for reading and I hope it's been entertaining for you. As a parting gift I give you all the scripts I had written but didn't get drawn. Enjoy.
Twinlympics : Opening
I finally decided to change the poll. See the poll for more details.
Inspired : Booby
Inspired strips: strips that were somehow inspired by the corresponding main strip.
Grounded : Stealth
I've added a couple new sections to the site. First is the Intro Page that's intended to be a good place to direct new readers. If you have any tips for improving it or think there are better strips to show off there feel free to let me know in the comments section.

The other new section is the Wall of Shame. I found a grammatical error in a strip, and while I wanted to fix the strip I also feel obligated to not entirely remove it as originally uploaded and this was my solution. If you find an error in any other strips please let me know in the comments section.
Grounded : Sally
I've decided to copy many other webcomics out there and start adding alt text (or title text for those who want to be accurate about it...). I've also added alt text to all the archived strips. Sorry for any inconvenience caused by them not being there to begin with. I've also made it so you can view all strips from an arc on a single page. To do so just go to the strip index and click on the arc name.
Miscellaneous : Alphabet II
Fun fact: When writing this strip, I discovered that 21 of the 50 states end with the letter 'a'. This includes both states that begin with an 's' so L was one state away from certain victory...
Miscellaneous : Alphabet
I don't know if there's an official name for this game, but if you haven't figured it out, you take turns listing items in the category where each item begins with the same letter the previous item ended with.
Patrick : Green
Happy St. Patrick's Day...Eve!
Birthday : Candles
Welcome to LnM!
Strip not Available
Welcome to LnM! If you found this site I'd be curious to know how. If you care to let me know you can do so in the comments section or by emailing me at lnm.comic@gmail.com. Right now I'm still working on building the site to my liking so I won't be adding new strips yet, but feel free to look at what's here.
Strip not Available
A bonus strip, so that I may play with displaying it.
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