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I made the comments section in hopes that people could discuss LnM, ask me questions, etc. I have not gone to any great lengths in terms of security, meaning that I'm hoping people can be civilized enough not to cause any major problems. Please don't prove me wrong.
Here's a list of things that I ask you refrain from doing.
  • - Making posts with inappropriate content. The general rule you should follow is not to exceed what's in the comic itself, which I try to keep at a PG-13 level.
  • - Flaming, trolling, spamming, advertising, and all that other stuff you shouldn't do on message boards in general.
  • - Impersonating others. Right now anyone can use any name except "creator". I may try to fix this in the future, but for now please don't impersonate other posters.
  • - Discussing things entirely unrelated to this comic. I don't intend to be too strict about this, just try to be reasonable.
Assorted bits of information that relate to the comments section in some way or other.
  • - My name on the board is "creator" and should appear bold. Hopefully I've set it up well enough that people can't impersonate me.
  • - If you post without entering a name then the name "Anon" will be used (short for anonymous, of course).
  • - There's a 4096 character limit per post. Currently, if you exceed this then your message will just truncate. Perhaps I'll put a better check for it at some point...
  • - Only bold and italic tags are allowed. Anything else will be printed (e.g. <u>underline</u>).
  • - I've also added a couple special tags so that you can link to strips. There's two possibilities:
    • - "<strip_number>" (e.g. <00101>).
    • - "<arc_name:strip_name>" (e.g. <birthday:candles>). For this, you also need to use underscores for spaces (e.g. <birthday:elder_ii>)
  • - Timestamps use Pacific Standard Time, as I am too lazy to figure out a way to customize it to the user.
  • - I'll remove any posts I find inappropriate.

Basically, just use common sense and don't do anything with malicious intent. Hopefully the comments section can be enjoyed by those who wish to use it. Also, the more active it becomes, the more likely it'll be that I put effort into making it better. Thanks for reading.