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Welcome to the Intro Page!

I made this page in hopes of directing new potential readers here, since the strip on the home page isn't always a great starting point. The strips on this page were chosen because you shouldn't need to know much to understand them.

What you should know: L is the girl, M is the boy, and they're twins. Oh, and don't forget to read the alt text.

DamselLnM #00204; Arc: Damsel; Strip: DamselDamsel
LnM #00206; Arc: Damsel; Strip: AnnoyingGrounded
LnM #00205; Arc: Damsel; Strip: Motivation; 2011-03-18
DamselLnM #00213; Arc: Damsel; Strip: WinningsGrounded
LnM #00302; Arc: Grounded; Strip: SammyGirlfriend
LnM #00301; Arc: Grounded; Strip: Sally; 2011-04-08
MiscellaneousLnM #90002; Arc: Miscellaneous; Strip: Fingers IIMiscellaneous
LnM #90004; Arc: Miscellaneous; Strip: AlphabetInspired
LnM #90003; Arc: Miscellaneous; Strip: Touching; 2011-03-14

Glad you made it to the bottom of the page!

If you want to read more you can start from the beginning here or if you don't want to go through the entire archive you should probably still start from the beginning of the current arc here.

You already know all you need so feel free to jump into the archive, but if you want some more general info you can keep reading.

If you haven't figured it out already, the comic is about the eponymous twins. It's not particularly about anything (i.e. there's no strong narrative), it mainly just follows the twins around in an attempt to be humorous.

There are two types of arcs. The main arcs are chronoligical and can range anywhere from a dozen to a few dozen strips. Bonus arcs (which start with Patrick) are not chronologically ordered and can get new strips added sporadically. A new strip of the main arc is added every update day (M, W, F as of this typing) and they are sometimes accompanied by a new bonus strip. All arcs are canon unless I explicitly state otherwise. I will attempt to maintain continuity, but as stated above, the narrative isn't really the focus.

In the strip archive pages, if a strip was uploaded with a bonus strip, then clicking on the strip itself will bring you to the bonus strip (and you can get back the same way).

If you want to run through the archive more efficiently you can do so by going to the archive index and click on the arc name to have all strips of that arc displayed on the same page.

In the about section, you can choose between a couple different color schemes for the site (if you allow cookies), as well as change how the strips are aligned (wouldn't recommend this one, though). Naturally, there's also more info about the comic there.